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There is this taxi driver who has been here for quite some time now. The guy is an engineer, and I have confirmed that. We wonder what he is still doing here with us. This is a guy who could be making millions by just sitting in the office. He does not seem to be looking for a new job. It is like he is comfortable here. The interesting part of him is that, whenever he gets customers, he starts telling them some engineering terms, vocabularies and even quoting things for them. I tell you many of his customers just look at each other, wondering.

I was in a restaurant with my husband back when we were still dating. This was a few decades ago, naturally, so this story was a little more plausible than it would be today. The server asked him what he wanted to drink, and he said, ‘ex girlfriends tube‘ I couldn’t believe he said that, and I was so embarrassed. To my surprise, they actually ran across the street to the drugstore and got him Kool-Aid and made a pitcher of it and everything. He just said, ‘I told you so!’

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