Fishing Enthusiast Blogging


Bimini to Alaska, Cape Baja to North Carolina, there’s a wide-world of fishing for every enthusiast, and we want to gain their attention. Launching our blog about fishing has taken all these locations and put them right on the world-wide-web. It was necessary for us as enthusiasts that love the sport to give others with the same love the ability to read up on it. Because hardly a day goes by without some record catch or trying story of deep sea adventure, we decided a blog was the way to feature every single one of these. We can also show all the details about the locations that make this sport possible. Starting a blog also means that we can have more than one personal writing and posting at any one time. We knew having more than one writer when we launched our blog would give us many stories a day, helping us to build an awesome following. More and more people keep coming back to read our enthusiast blog. Really though, it’s about the sport and the finer aspects of it. We launched the blog to share tips and tricks for a sporting activity that’s tricky, but more than a little fun.