10 Reasons Fishing Has Huge Health Benefits


Today, many people spend a lot of time indoors thanks to the latest smartphones, tablets and computers. Majority of people who spend so much time on their devices usually communicate with friends and family members via social networking sites like facebook or twitter and via messaging apps like whatsapp.

This has led to many people leading a sedentary lifestyle therefore increasing the risk of diabetes. Years before, fishing was used as an excuse by majority of men in order to spend time with their friends. What many people don’t know is that fishing has health benefits.

Below are 10 reasons fishing has huge health benefits.

  • Stress relief

People spend considerable amounts of time either chatting on their smartphones, working at the office or completing chores around the home. This has been known to increase the rate of fatigue which ultimately contributes to stress.

In order to reduce stress levels and save your life from high blood pressure, you need to engage in fishing. Making fishing a family activity will enable you and the family to spend sometime outdoors therefore relieving your stress.

  • Improve social bonding

When family members engage in fishing, the time they get spend with each other having fun on the boat and by the lake helps to improve their bonding. The best thing about this is that it beats chatting via smartphones, computers and tablets.

A good old fashioned family outing without gadgets helps to improve relationships as well as mentoring others on importance of being good conservationist.

  • Helps burn unwanted calories

Fishing is an activity that requires an individual to be active and since many people to day are either overweight or are on the road to becoming overweight, fishing helps to burn unwanted calories. This not only helps to lose weight but it helps to save their life eventually.

  • Recreation

Fishing is a fun activity and it helps one to recreate therefore enjoying the moments. Having fun helps the body to release hormones that help to uplift ones spirit. Therefore fishing beats any day at the office or at home doing chores.

  • Helps to improve cardiovascular health

Spending several hours wading through rivers, flinging flies or setting lures for the fish helps to act as a form of exercise. In the end, you will get to improve your cardiovascular health considerably.

  • Low impact on your joints

When people opt to jog or run around the park or around the neighborhood, they do burn calories but in the end, it accelerates the wear and tear of the joints. To prevent this, fishing is the answer. Wading through water allows for low impact movement.

  • Best for relaxation

Fishing around the lake or the river helps to calm your mind. This helps you to avoid the activities at the office or your computer. A relaxed mind thinks clearly.

  • Improves dexterity

Fishing involves small and intricate movements which one is required to do a lot.As one gets older, these fine motor skills will start to deteriorate. With fishing, one will be able to make them sharper for longer.

  • Self fulfillment

When you fish, you will get to improve your self esteem especially through the respect of the environment, mastering outdoor skills and achieving personal goals.

  • Improves your diet

Fishing allows one to catch fish be it trout or salmon. When you get to prepare it using the best cooking method,not only will you satisfy yourself but you will get to consume different minerals and vitamins vital to the body.

In conclusion, fishing has many health benefits and they include having fun, improving one’s self esteem, exercising, social bonding, stress relief, calorie burning, relaxation and low impact movement.

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