Catch Big Bass With These Lures

Bass fishing

Too many individuals “Bass Fishing” is like taking a vacation from the cares of life and regressing to a peaceful, skillful, and challenging activity. When you embark on a bass fishing excursion, you must prepare yourself with everything needed to make a successful trip. Starting off, the first thing you will need on a successful bass fishing trip is knowing how. The more successful fishermen study up on bass fishing, as you would with any course in school.

Take into consideration the fact that bass have a certain level of intelligence, which enables them to survive and flourish in their home, regardless of the body of water that they inhabit. These fish are attracted certain types of lures, and if you are not utilizing the correct type, you may as well just have a sinker attached to your casting line, because you will get zero to no bites on your line. Below I have listed five of the most successful bass fishing lures, which should give you a leg up on your fishing results.

Five Exceptional Bass-Fishing Lures

  • Lake Fork Flutter Spoon:


This lure is ideal for the person who prefers to fish with a line that is slack or a bit limp. This particular lure is what the so called professional anglers utilize in their competitions. Many professional bass fishermen generate quite a bit of prize money, when they use this particular lure. It has tremendous appeal to bass, because it mimics a dying fish. The design of this particular lure gives it a very reflective finish, combined with a fluttering movement that attracts a lot of bass.

  • The Jackall Boil Trigger:

This particular lure has one of the higher price tags, and is very effective. For the bass fishermen who likes to utilize top water lures, this lure has an appearance which looks similar to the large mouth bass itself. This lure has an exceptional paint finish, which adds to its attractiveness and effectiveness. When it moves, it proceeds in a zigzag motion that will catch many a fish’s eye.

  •  The Alabama Rig:

alabama rig

This lure will generate the kind of results that most bass fishermen are looking for, however, it is not advised to use lightweight materials. Your rods and fishing lines need to be heavy duty, and the reels need to work perfectly. This is a single bait unit that is fashioned to drag five attached lures behind it. The reasoning behind this, is to give the allure of a tiny school of fish moving through the water. This particular lure has won awards in past years, for being the most influential bass fishing lure around

  • Strike King Red Eye Shad:

This is the perfect bass fishing lure for shallow water use, which has a gold tinge and lipless crankbait. This lure was designed by an award winning bass fishermen named Kevin VanDam. This is an effective lure, and has enabled Kevin to win three championships, in the past.

  • The Jackall Soul Shad:

This unique lure is ideal for late fall fishing in difficult active waters. The award winning bass fishermen, Cliff Pace used this simple lure to win the Bassmaster Classic in the past. It has a tail and mid section mounted hook for sure effectiveness.

In A Nutshell –

If your fishing goal is to constantly pull in the bass, then it is a good idea to incorporate several key factors into your fishing excursion, in addition to the five best lures. Below are the suggested factors. :-

  • Use effective fishing gear you are comfortable with.
  • Know the fish hiding spots on the body of water that you are working.
  • For reference, maintain records of areas where you fish.
  • Maintain good vision with Polarized sunglasses, which reduce glare.
  • Make sure that you know what the weather forecast is.
  • It’s best to fish with friends, to counteract any unforeseen contingencies.




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10 Reasons Fishing Has Huge Health Benefits


Today, many people spend a lot of time indoors thanks to the latest smartphones, tablets and computers. Majority of people who spend so much time on their devices usually communicate with friends and family members via social networking sites like facebook or twitter and via messaging apps like whatsapp.

This has led to many people leading a sedentary lifestyle therefore increasing the risk of diabetes. Years before, fishing was used as an excuse by majority of men in order to spend time with their friends. What many people don’t know is that fishing has health benefits.

Below are 10 reasons fishing has huge health benefits.

  • Stress relief

People spend considerable amounts of time either chatting on their smartphones, working at the office or completing chores around the home. This has been known to increase the rate of fatigue which ultimately contributes to stress.

In order to reduce stress levels and save your life from high blood pressure, you need to engage in fishing. Making fishing a family activity will enable you and the family to spend sometime outdoors therefore relieving your stress.

  • Improve social bonding

When family members engage in fishing, the time they get spend with each other having fun on the boat and by the lake helps to improve their bonding. The best thing about this is that it beats chatting via smartphones, computers and tablets.

A good old fashioned family outing without gadgets helps to improve relationships as well as mentoring others on importance of being good conservationist.

  • Helps burn unwanted calories

Fishing is an activity that requires an individual to be active and since many people to day are either overweight or are on the road to becoming overweight, fishing helps to burn unwanted calories. This not only helps to lose weight but it helps to save their life eventually.

  • Recreation

Fishing is a fun activity and it helps one to recreate therefore enjoying the moments. Having fun helps the body to release hormones that help to uplift ones spirit. Therefore fishing beats any day at the office or at home doing chores.

  • Helps to improve cardiovascular health

Spending several hours wading through rivers, flinging flies or setting lures for the fish helps to act as a form of exercise. In the end, you will get to improve your cardiovascular health considerably.

  • Low impact on your joints

When people opt to jog or run around the park or around the neighborhood, they do burn calories but in the end, it accelerates the wear and tear of the joints. To prevent this, fishing is the answer. Wading through water allows for low impact movement.

  • Best for relaxation

Fishing around the lake or the river helps to calm your mind. This helps you to avoid the activities at the office or your computer. A relaxed mind thinks clearly.

  • Improves dexterity

Fishing involves small and intricate movements which one is required to do a lot.As one gets older, these fine motor skills will start to deteriorate. With fishing, one will be able to make them sharper for longer.

  • Self fulfillment

When you fish, you will get to improve your self esteem especially through the respect of the environment, mastering outdoor skills and achieving personal goals.

  • Improves your diet

Fishing allows one to catch fish be it trout or salmon. When you get to prepare it using the best cooking method,not only will you satisfy yourself but you will get to consume different minerals and vitamins vital to the body.

In conclusion, fishing has many health benefits and they include having fun, improving one’s self esteem, exercising, social bonding, stress relief, calorie burning, relaxation and low impact movement.

How to Clean, Gut, and Fillet a Fish

Cleaning fish

Fishing has several health benefits that include improved social bonding, helps one to lose weight, helps one to exercise, allows one to relax, improves dexterity and helps to improve one’s self esteem. With all this benefits, the end goal of fishing is to catch a fish. This means that you will spend the better part of the day wading in rivers, setting lures, casting the line and finally reeling in the catch.

Once you have caught some fish, the hard part comes. This means that you will need to clean, gut and fillet the fish before cooking.

Below are steps of how to clean, gut and fillet a fish.

What you will need

  1. Protective clothing
  2. A bucket
  3. A scaling tool
  4. A fillet knife
  5. A cooler of ice
  6. A clean platter
  7. Newspaper



The most important after fishing is cleaning the fish. You need to do this right after you have caught the fish. If you would like to continue fishing for a while, you need to have a bucket of water or ice and you can place your fish inside.

It is important to know that the process of cleaning a fish is usually messy and you need to do it outdoors. Before starting ensure that you have worn the protective clothing. Start by rinsing the slime of the fish as best as you can. You need to hold the fish firmly since it’s slippery.

Once you have finished rinsing off the slime off the fish, you can dry the fish using paper towels. Scale the fish on both sides before proceeding to gut it.

Gutting the fish


In order to start, you need to set the fish on its side and place your non dominant hand flat on the top. Slowly drive thefillet tool into the fish anus and slowly move the slicing tool upto the end of the lower jaw.

Remember, you don’t have to plunge the knife too deep into the fish as it could tear the intestines.

Proceed to extend the carcass apart and then remove the fish entrails out. Detach the gill filaments from the head. Scoop the liver, kidney, the black lining and other organs using a spoon. Rinse the fish well.

Fillet the fish


Place the fish with the dorsal fin facing you. Use thefillet tool to cut behind the gills and pectoral fins. Cut through upto the spine but do not sever it. Now cut along the back bone of the fish with your knife. This will create a flap that extends from the fish’s head to the tail.

Lift the flap and slice the fish until the flap is completely removed. Remember to stay close to the backbone as this will help to maximize the amount of meat. Its okay to cut through the ribcage as you can remove the bones later.

Place the fillets on the table with the skin facing the table. Cut between the flesh and the skin in order to remove the skin, Finally rinse the fillet with cold water and dry it with a paper towel.

In conclusion, fishing is a good form of exercise that is known to have many health benefits to the human body. After you have caught the fish, you need to clean it, gut it and finally fillet it. Depending on the fish, you will be able